All About Us:

While we are serious show competitors,  we  fully realize that most puppies are destined to become members of someone’s  family.  As a practicing veterinarian, I am particularly concerned with health issues.   We strive to combine a sound mind and beautiful body into an exceptional specimen of the breed.   Add in intense socialization in a busy country household with  livestock, and exotics and you have the perfect formula for the very best.  
My husband and I have been breeding and showing 
German Shepherd Dogs since 1980.   Our  first German Shepherd Dog was a protection dog given 

to me during my last year in Vet school.  After his death, I obtained a  “German line” female.  While searching for the “Perfect stud” for her we were introduced into the exciting  “world of show dogs.”  Bob and Carol Moore from Scharo Kennels were kind enough to take an interest in a set of novices and willing to risk entrusting us with a champion female.   From that initial contact, a deep and enduring friendship welded our two families together, with both kennels eventually completely intertwining and showing under the ScharoArk logo.  We have finished over 30 champions.   While a beautiful body is essential for the show ring, the two kennels have always contended that without brains you have no dog. Nothing less than perfect temperament is tolerated in either kennel.    Our hard and fast policy is a sound mind in a sound body – NO compromise allowed.   Due to health and personal concerns Bob and Carol have had to step back from breeding and showing. We are now working closely with Mary Tripp (Tripphill Kennels), another breeder, whom we have in the past co-owned and bred dogs with.
My first introduction to the Cane Corso came in 1988 When a close friend brought in some of the first imports into this country from Hungary.  I fell in  love with the calm assertiveness of the breed.  After many years of longing, I my got first puppy, a pet intended to be a combination pet, clinic guard dog.  Since then, I have become increasingly infatuated with the breed.  They are the perfect "working combination" with the German Shepherd dog for security work.  The same friend who first introduced me to the breed placed me in contact with Beata Margiatan, the head of the European Cane Corso Assn. since I was becoming concerned regarding the number of health issues starting to appear in the breed.   In July of 2017 I purchased and imported a show puppy from Hungary bred by Bea.  A friendship between the two of has flourished.   I was  beyond excited when Bea offered to send me her young male Othello on a co-ownership to show in this country.  He has settled in well and is performing above  our expectations in the American showring.  We have high hopes as well as for Sakira (our young import show female). As with the German Shepherd Dogs, no compromise in health or temperament will be tolerated in our breeding program.


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