Puppy Emergency Supply List:

1.  Honey-Rub on gums in the event of hypoglycemia

2.  3cc syringes (no needle)- Use to administer 
canned food for force feeding  or electrolytes.

3.  Children's dye free benadryl- Give 1cc orally
before leaving  to go to your veterinarian's office for
vaccinations or in the event of an insect sting for toys.              For large breeds, 1 tsp/20# up to 3 tsp .

4.  Low dose asprin- Shave off a very small amount
and give with a few drops of honey for pain for toys.                For large breeds 1/40#.

5.  Molasses- Administer 2cc by mouth several times
in one day for mild constipation.

6.  Puppy crate- not too large- just large enough to puppy           to lie down comfortably and turn around

7.  Fluffy bath towels- At least two, one for inside
crate, one to cover crate with.

8.  Hot pack hand warmers-  Keep on hand in case of 
power failure in cold weather.  Activate 2 packs
and place inside of adult tube type sock and 
tie shut.  Place inside small crate with puppy and
fluffy towel. Cover crate with second towel

9.  Rebound or other palatable electrolyte 
         replacement solution.  Administer 1cc every 
15minutes for puppy with diarrhea. 1/2 cc  (and 
nothing else orally) for one that is vomiting.  Take 
puppy veterinarian if problem persists more than
a few hours.

10.  Hydrogen peroxide- Given orally to induce