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Please note:  all disputes are subject to settlement in Uvalde, Uvalde County, Texas  USA 

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                             Breeding Quality German Shepherd Dogs and Cane Corso

Whereas Teresa Coble, DVM and Robert Coble, hereafter called “Seller” are the owner/co-owners of the dog described below:
BREED:____________________________ SEX:________ DOB:________
Registration number:________________________________ Call name:_____________________
Name/number of Sire:______________________________________________________________
Name/number of Dam:______________________________________________________________
AND -Whereas ___________________, hereafter referred to as “Buyer” is desirous of purchasing said animal:
Now therefore in consideration of the sum of $__________, the Seller hereby conveys one (circle as applicable)  
Pet only/show potential full registration/limited registration to the buyer under the following warranties and conditions. No other warranties either expressed or implied apply. This animal is sold based on the quality that Seller feels this animal is at the time of the sale and is the opinion of the Seller. Seller cannot with 100% certainty determine 
or warranty how this animal will grow and mature, exact size, ability to produce, or ability to win competitions. The seller states that the above animal is purebred and register-able with AKC or ICCF and that the registration application/ certificate has conveyed to the Buyer unless otherwise notated.______________________________
1.That above animal may be returned to the Seller for a full refund within 48 hours if determined by a licensed veterinarian to be unhealthy (non life-threatening issues excluded unless specifically addressed in this contract.) Buyer must certify that there has been no injury, cosmetic alteration/damage, or exposure to infectious disease-( if found, corresponding damages will be deducted for any refund.) any refund is for the purchase price of the animal only.   If radiologically diagnosed with hip dysplasia prior to 2 years of age and confirmed by submission to OFA, a comparable replacement animal will be offered from the next available litter. Any returns via air freight must be pre-approved by Seller, sent prepaid only, with flight information approved by Seller.
2.Seller states that vaccinations have been given to date as deemed appropriate. Buyer agrees to maintain booster schedule and provide for all future medical needs of the animal including vaccinations, heartworm prevention, and external and internal parasite control. 
3.Buyer agrees to provide adequate grooming, exercise, and housing as appropriate for breed. Buyer agrees to feed a premium quality food and ensure that the animal consumes an appropriate volume of food at appropriate times. (Seller feeds Royal Canin German Shepherd supplemented with raw chicken quarters). Vitamin supplements are NOT to be given.
4.Buyer agrees to provide a safe environment, proper socialization, and training for the above animal. Buyer agrees to un-announced home visits if the seller has a concern regarding the welfare of the above animal. 
5.All disputes will be settled under Texas law with jurisdiction to Uvalde, Uvalde County, Texas. All legal fees will fall to Buyer.  
6.Buyer agrees that this animal can be returned to the breeder should circumstances necessitate buyer can no longer/will no longer care for it. Seller retains right of first refusal should said animal be placed for sale. 
7.Special notes:________________________________________________________________

Buyer's full name:_____________________________________________________Phone #:____________________
Buyer's mailing address:____________________________________________________________________________
Buyer's physical address if different from above:_________________________________________________________
Buyer's email address:_____________________________
Buyer's printed name:_____________________________ Buyer's signature___________________________ Date:__________________

Seller's signatures:__________________________ __________________________ Date:_______________